Pupil confuses Teacher

One day as i was coming from attending a church service,i met my former mathematics teacher but he didnt recognize me,we greeted and he asked for directions to the nearest bank. since i was a maths genious i wanted to show off my skills.so i said to him "make a 260 degrees turn and walk for about 1.8 meters then make an obtuse angle turn and find its square root,multiply it with the number of steps he walked and rewalk them.then he will see two supplimentary churches which are parallel to his left hand side,using pythagoras theolem find the coificient of x and round it off to the nearest tens,only after that will he see a big pharmacy which is perpendicular to the trignometrical station TT2127,just follow the road until he sees a rectangular shaped galage opposite to a pentagon shaped school which is at a distance of about the logarithm of 7.8 then using the sixth grid reference table,plot the 7.8 on the table,follow it and he will see the bank ahead of him....next day on tv i heard him saying his very lost..

23 nov 2018

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