True stories

=>>>just because i dont like cooking it doesn't mean i cant cook ....have you tasted my hot water before? =>>>i always try to cheer myself up by singing when am sad,most of the times it turns out my voice is even worse than my problem =>>>at a funeral a guy was crying so loudly for a long time.then he kept quite for some time then someone asked him "why are you quite" then the guy said "i have cried too much now i am on vibration....? =>>>one day a certain girl was very happy when my friend asked for her number that she even became a model around him one day my friend went to her with courage and these were his words "just because i asked for your number you are already acting like queen of england.listen sister,asking for a number does not mean i will call you or i love you,sometimes i just like keeping new contacts in my phone have you understood?" what a powerful speech...!!!
24 okt 2018

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