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This website was created as a platform where we can share good ideas with other people and at the same time have fun,so if you have some interesting stories don't keep them to yourself,feel free to post them here,and congrats your phone has been installed with a new puzzle game,to play just throw your phone against the wall and assemsle the pieces...please don't be offended,just a joke because Today the animals of the jungle have held a meeting,everyone else is there but the meeting has'nt started yet Guese why? Because the donkey is busy reading this message! hahahaha.Please keep reading for more funny and epic stories

Pupil confuses Teacher

23 Nov 2018

One day as i was coming from attending a church service,i met my former mathematics teacher but he didnt recognize me,we greeted and he asked for directions to the nearest bank. since i was a maths genious i wanted to show off my i said to him "make a 260 degrees turn and walk [...]

A story of a girl who returns home after 5 years.

25 Oct 2018

A girl returns home after 5 years *Father*(angry) where have you been all these years?! *Girl* i was working as a prostitute in california *Father*what!!! Get out of my house you stupid worm! i dont want to see you or your face ever again do you understand?! *Girl*(crying) before i go,i want to give you [...]

True stories

24 Oct 2018

=>>>just because i dont like cooking it doesn't mean i cant cook ....have you tasted my hot water before? =>>>i always try to cheer myself up by singing when am sad,most of the times it turns out my voice is even worse than my problem =>>>at a funeral a guy was crying so loudly for [...]

teaching is very hard

23 Oct 2018

*Teacher* "construct a sentence using the word "sugar" *Pupil*i drank tea this morning *Teacher*where is the word sugar *Pupil*its already in the tea...!! *Teacher*our topic for today is photosynthesis *Teacher* what is photosynthesis class? *Pupil*its our topic for today...!! *Teacher*name the nation that people hate the most? *Pupil*exami-nation..!! *Teacher*one day our country will be corruption free.what tense is this? *Pupil*it is future impossible tense...!

some instant rhyms

19 Oct 2018

God is sensation,the creator of creation,he is our salvation he knows our condition he is aware of our situation all we need is copperation so just wait for his direction,he doesnt give temptation he sticks to his location to rule the population for the next generation do you get my explanation or you want a demonstration sorry but that can ruine my reputation because it took alot of dedication just to create a poem ending with "tion" thank you for your attention

18 Oct 2018

In my entire life there is one thing that i have observed and that is that words are powerful because i have witnessed that words can make one to cry or laugh,with words you can either build or destroy your life because your life will always move in the direction of your most dominant words,so [...]

My Greatest Achievements

16 Oct 2018

In my entire life these are the things that where and are my most greatest achievements =>>>first when i fought with a dinasour and broke its nake=>>>when i went to heaven to charge my phone =>>>when my grand father became the first man to land on the sun =>>>this one is the most embarrassing moment [...]

choose wisely Devil Or God

15 Oct 2018

Devil:the person reading this post will die tonight. God:thats a lie,they are my children so they won't die. Devil:but they must die. God:why do you say they must die? Devil:because they don't take you as their father. God:thats a lie. Devil:lets test them,then only a true child of God will type "i love him"then the evil cheaters who belong to Me will surely ignore this.

check this out

6 Oct 2018

check out this guy

My Most Top secrete

6 Oct 2018

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